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Analisys and modelling of shaped apertures broaching process

The subject of the research was evaluation of broach edges wear in industrial conditions. There are some essential differences in broach edges wear in industrial conditions connected with the moment of sending them for regeneration. The correct estimation of durability is most frequently connected with determination of wear land of most worn blade. The effect of conducted research is determination of blade wear land course determined by VB parameter as well as change of cutting edge curvature radius (, and determination of cut layer thickness on VB wear. The present paper also presents results of research and observations of cutting speed influence on broaching strength. In durability evaluation the designers of tools need reliable information concerning machine - cutting forces produced during broaching. Means of realization of multispline production process regarding costs were also presented. Two alternative designs for multispline production were presented. First design concerns broaching while second one uses chiseling. The cost analysis of individual designs as well as shares of component costs was executed.

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