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To a problem on a nonholonomic constraint in a drive of a beater drum of the grain combine in an acceleration condition

In paper the equations of a nonholonomic constraint of the second order which exhibits the properties at turning on lenix a flexible drive in a drive of a thrasher of the grain combine are gained. For a justification of type of a nonholonomic constraint the oscillogram of real processes of acceleration of a thrasher is used. It is displayed, that the accepted schematization of real process of turning on lenix-transmissions incidentally differs from it. Three phases of operation lenix-transmissions are selected at turning on and for each phase constraint equations are gained. The generalised constraint equation merges all three phases of operation and is a nonlinear nonholonomic constraint of the second order. Outputs contain assay values of the gained differential equation on integrability and confirm, that connection is nonlinear to nonholonomic the second order.

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